Chili Cookoff!!
5:30 PM17:30

Chili Cookoff!!


Super Bowl Sunday we're hosting a chili cookoff!!

Do you have a great Veggie chili? Chili con Carne? Five Alarm Chili? Whatever it is, whether you're a professional chef or an at home master, we want to see (taste) what you've got!!

Two rounds of judging will be held - one by our panel and a peoples choice. Prizes will be awarded for both winners.

Those interested in competing please email POURMEACOLDONE@BXLDR.COM

Spectators (and people's choice judges!), $15 gets you your first beer and unlimited chili (while it lasts)

We'll have the game on both TV's and on a large projection screen for ease of viewing.

Come relax, watch the game, eat and see who will prevail as the BXLDR Chili Cookoff Champ!

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Jester King Collaborations
7:00 PM19:00

Jester King Collaborations

Join us for an evening with Jester King Brewery and a few of their collaborations!!

On tap will be:

This collab is the first in Bruery Terreux's Foeders and Friends series. This is a 5.3% ABV “sour wit ale” brewed with bitter orange peel, coriander and spices before being aged in an oak foeder.

Full pour, $10 Short pour, $5

This collab with Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Dexter is a sour Monkish inspired IPA. This 7.5% ABV IPA has spent 4 months in oak and is packed full of seven different hop varieties giving notes of grapefruit, light Brett characteristics, a tannin dryness, and a touch of pineapple.

Full pour, $11 Short pour, $6

Bottle Pours:

Fantome Del Rey
This collab with Brasserie fantome is an 8.8% ABV bière de coupage that is a blend of older, oak barrel-aged beer and younger beer. Brewed with dark candi syrup, ground coriander and black peppercorns before being fermented in stainless steel with truffle honey.


This collab is a little different, combining the food and beverage worlds. It's fully brewed by Jester King, fermented with figs that were caramelized with heat and cold smoked at Franklin Barbecue!! This farmhouse ale comes in at 6.2% ABV


A short pour of each will be $16

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Riegele Brauhaus Miami Premier
6:00 PM18:00

Riegele Brauhaus Miami Premier

We are extrememly pleased to announce the Miami debut of Brauhaus Riegele!!

Riegele is a 630 yr old, 28th generation, family-owned craft brewery, located in Bavarian city of Augsburg. Winner of the 2015 International Craft Brewery of the Year, the European Gold Star, 217 awards and medals (since 2005) and one of the largest yeast libraries in Europe, Riegele is admired around the world for its quality and tradition.

On draft we'll be featuring:

This Bavarian Craft Lager is Riegele’s most
awarded beer. Winner of the “Beer of the Decade,” “Beer
of the Year,” World Beer Cup, 9-time DLG Gold and the 6-Time
European Gold Star, Privat is the benchmark for Craft Lagers.
Crisp, rich and complex in character, Privat is perfectly balanced
with a clean and remarkably smooth finish.

Speziator "Ator"
This Bavarian Imperial Lager is Steeped in generations of rich Bavarian tradition, Speziator “Ator” embodies the passion and beauty for which it derives its name. First brewed by Bavarian monks over 300 years ago, Doppelbock Hell is distinguished by its rich, gold color, elevated alcohol and velvety mouthfeel. As a Gold Medal and European Gold Star winner, Speziator sets the standard for Imperial Lagers.

This Weizendoppelbock achieves strength and character through its own unique yeast strain, combined with Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt and Munich Malt, then brewed using Riegele’s two-mash brewing process. The result; a gold medal winning, robust yet smooth wheat beer.

This unfiltered, unpasteurized fermenting cellar ale is shaped by temperature and time. It all begins with Kellerbier’s special ale yeast which harmonizes with Bavarian Wheat and three select Jura Malts to produce an artisan classic that has earned Kellerbier international awards and gold medals.


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