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Chili Cookoff!!
5:30 PM17:30

Chili Cookoff!!


Super Bowl Sunday we're hosting a chili cookoff!!

Do you have a great Veggie chili? Chili con Carne? Five Alarm Chili? Whatever it is, whether you're a professional chef or an at home master, we want to see (taste) what you've got!!

Two rounds of judging will be held - one by our panel and a peoples choice. Prizes will be awarded for both winners.

Those interested in competing please email POURMEACOLDONE@BXLDR.COM

Spectators (and people's choice judges!), $15 gets you your first beer and unlimited chili (while it lasts)

We'll have the game on both TV's and on a large projection screen for ease of viewing.

Come relax, watch the game, eat and see who will prevail as the BXLDR Chili Cookoff Champ!

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