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Everything you want to know about Wynwood's new beer hub, owner Adam Darnell tells us.

After years of hoping to one day open their own craft beer spot, beer enthusiasts Adam and Nicole Darnell are finally taking the leap and materializing their dream in (what lately seems like no better place) Wynwood. It comes in the form of Boxelder Craft Beer Market, what Darnell tells us will be part market, where beers-to-go will be aplenty, as will items like shirts and bottle openers and part bar, where beers-to-stay can be had in the cozy interior of the place or out in the backyard. Eater chatted with the pop in this mom and pop beer shop about absolutely everything Boxelder, what he and his wife did before trekking down to the Magic City to join the craft beer community, and plans for the future.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE